Solidarity with Ark Tribe against the ABCC


Freo adopts Four Star Green Code

October 2009: Council unanimously adopted an ammendement to the Town Planning Scheme that requires planning applications for new and substantaily renovated commercial buildings to meet Green Building Council of Australia Four Star energy efficiency guidelines. Four stars is fairly easy to meet and the requirement does not yet extend to residential or industrial developments. However Fremantle is the first council in WA to begin to mandate such energy efficienct threshholds so it is a good step forwards. We are waiting to see if the State Government will accept this measure (as it has the power to block proposed changes to the Town Planning Scheme).

Thanks to all those who supported my campaign

[On the right is a paid advertisement in the Fremantle Herald. Below is the text of a letter I've submitted to the Herald.]

I’d like to extend a big thanks to everyone who supported my council election campaign. I believe council can and should be trying to get greater community participation in decision making, involve in community life people who are often excluded, take a lead on protecting the environment and stick up for workers rights. If I can make even a small contribution in this regard it will have been worthwhile.