Stop Barnett's attacks on the public sector

Seafarers on brink of historic victory

[I have submitted this article to Green Left Weekly about the current struggle by MUA members in the offshore oil and gas industry. It has been published here.]

Seafarers in the offshore oil and gas industry who are members of the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) are on the verge of winning historic improvements to their pay and working conditions. Among them are a 30% pay rise and construction allowances that would give them parity with other workers involved in the construction phase of oil and gas projects.

Against Zionism, against censorship, for refugee rights

[As reported in Green Left Weekly #819, a performance of the play Seven Jewish Children that was to be held at the venue Kulcha on November 21 in Fremantle was canceled. It was scrapped following the intervention of the Jewish Community Council (JCC). The comments below are based on the contribution to a November 25 Fremantle Council meeting by Hilton ward councillor and Socialist Alliance member Sam Wainwright.]

Solidarity with Ark Tribe against the ABCC

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