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Stop Lynas' toxic exports through Fremantle


Come and hear community from Malaysia campaigning against Lynas Corporation. Learn about this Australian rare earth mining company’s plan to impose their Lynas Advanced Materials Plant - a toxic and radioactive rare earth processing plant - on their lives and livelihoods.

Photos from Save Beeliar Wetlands rally

Here are some photos from the very successful rally today to stop Roe 8 organised by Save Beeliar Wetlands.

Road to Rail: getting trucks off our streets

There's been a lot of discussion about better public transport for Fremantle and the proposal for a light rail network. But it's just as important to get freight off the roads and on to rail. Under the previous state government the percentage of containers moved by trains was lifted from 3% to 17%. It's now slid back to 11% and tipped to drop to 8% next year. This is a disaster for air quality, green house gas emissions, noise and traffic congestion; and residents along High St and Stock Rd are taking the brunt.

Privatisation at Fiona Stanley and closure threat to Fremantle ED

The state government has pushed ahead with its plan to privatise the provision of ancillary services at the Fiona Stanley hospital. Their promotional guff claims there is no evidence that privatisation is bad for services or job conditions. They must think we've all been living under a rock for the last thirty years.

Congratulations to Dave Hume and the other residents who did all they could to oppose the privatisation. Keep your spirits up, we may all be called on to stop the proposed closure of the Fremantle Hospital emergency department. Go to the Save Our Services website to see how the state is gutting our essential services.

Hilton Harvest: a great launch, thanks and good wishes to Maggie

Like many of you I was at the Twilight Fair to launch the Hilton Harvest community garden on March 26. What a great event; and what a tribute to the vision, hard work and patience of the Hilton Harvest crew.

As many of you know, garden founder Maggie Lilith has moved to Brisbane for work reasons. A huge thanks to Maggie for her big role in the garden project and helping make Hilton a better place for all of us.

At the last garden working bee volunteers put in the orchard fruit trees and shared cake and tea with Maggie one last time. Thanks Maggie and good luck!

Fremantle port used to shift radioactive Australian mining waste to Malaysia

Public opposition to a plan by an Australian mining company, Lynas, to build a rare earth refinery in Malaysia showed itself in demonstration held outside Australian High Commission in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on May 20.

Save Fiona Stanley Hospital Community Action Group

Are you interested in being part of a community group that is taking action against the Barnett Government privatising essential health services at Fiona Stanley Hospital in Murdoch? Do you want the government to know that the community doesn’t want Serco, who run prisons and immigration detention centres in WA, to be running essential health services at Fiona Stanley Hospital? For more info contact Dave Hume (Convenor) 0459 456 358. To see what the State Government is doing with our public hospitals visit and or check out the Youtube

Public forum: Free the political prisoners in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe - Free the political prisoners

Zimbabwean human rights activists were arrested on February 19 for showing a video about the democracy struggle in Egypt. They have been charged with treason, which is a capital offence in Zimbabwe.

Fremantle speakout: Free the political prisoners in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean human rights activists were arrested on February 19 for showing a video about the democracy struggle in Egypt.

They have been charged with treason, which is a capital offense in Zimbabwe.

International rallies calling for their freedom are being held to coincide with their court hearing.

Greedy BCA attacks people with disabilities

On February 14 the Business Council of Australia which represents Australia's biggest 100 companies called on the Federal Government to cut the disability pension as an alternative to the Queensland flood levy. How low can these grubs go? Only days later it's biggest member BHP-Billiton posted a record $10.5 billion first half profit.

While it's used to having governments bend to its will, it's unlikely the BCA really expected Gillard already struggling in the polls, to choose this as the moment to slash the incomes of people already living below the poverty line. But clearly the BCA couldn't resist a chance to bang away on one of its favourite themes; welfare should be cut to encourage people to find work.