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Speed to be reduced on South St

We've had a small win regarding the reduction of traffic speeds on South St. Main Roads still don't want to reduce the limits through the Hilton Village or east of Stock Rd to McCombe Ave in Samson. However they have agreed to drop the limit from 70 to 60 km/h on the section of South St between Hines Rd and Stock Rd. A big thanks to all the residents and small businesses that signed the letters of support.

High St: Buswell throws "community consultation" in the bin

Statement by City of Fremantle Councillors Sam Wainwright and Josh Wilson in response to WA Minister for Transport’s decision to impose Option 4

6 September 2011

The City of Fremantle was asked to participate in a collaborative process for the upgrade of High Street, but it now appears that the Minister really only wanted the Council to rubber stamp his preferred option.

It's disappointing that the Council and the community are now threatened with the compulsory acquisition of the A Class Reserve which the Council manages.

And it's particularly disappointing that the Minister released his letter to the media before it was received by the Mayor.

We'd hope the Minister could take a more reasonable approach and return to genuine good faith negotiations with the City.

High St upgrade: Council and community express preference for Option 4A

After its consultation with the Fremantle community and council about the various options for the upgrade of High St-Stirling Hwy intersection, the Department of Transport advised that only Options 4 and 4A met its design criteria.

For many in the community and on council, myself included, both options are over-engineered and overly expensive. A more modest design could have addressed the legitimate safety and amenity problem with the current intersection, with the balance of the money better spent on improving railway infrastructure serving the port.

However in the event that the state proceeds with the project anyway Option 4A is preferable because it is more modest and will destroy less of the fabric of the Gibson Park precinct and Booyeembarra Park.

Negotiations on South St: speak out now!

A recent article in the Fremantle Gazette gave the impression that Main Roads has rejected the request to decrease speeds on South St. This is incorrect. The Main Roads spokesperson was simply repeating their previous position and they had not yet received the formal application from city officers.

Negotiations are continuing and I'll keep you posted. In brief; the application is for speeds to be reduced from 60 to 50km/h through the Hilton Village, from 70 to 60km/h from Hines Rd to Stock Rd, and from 70 to 60km/h between Stock Rd and McCombe Ave.

Warrawee: supporting victims of domestic violence for over 40 years

The Warrawee womens refuge recently recently celebrated its 40th anniversary. Did you know that it was the first purpose built refuge in Australia? This is a remarkable tribute to the vision of the councillors and people of Fremantle at the time. It's a service like this that our state government wants to starve of funding. It should be getting more funding, not less!

Above inflation rate rise and state government cost shifting

This year's rate rise will be 6.9%. Above inflation increases put a disproportionate burden on people on low incomes and is not something council should do lightly. I voted against this because there are some areas of the the city's expenditure that I think should have been looked at before committing to such an increase.

Traffic in Hilton

The council has qualified for federal black spot funding to put in traffic lights at the Paget-South-Victor St intersection. The exact form the new intersection will take has not yet been decided. While most people would agree that it's a pretty crazy and dangerous intersection, some residents are concerned that traffic lights here will push even more traffic through residential streets.

I've talked to the City's technical services staff and they've agreed to do a comprehensive survey of traffic patterns in the area. If you know of particularly busy or dangerous streets in Hilton that you think need some form of traffic calming then please let me know.

Slowing down South St

Residents at the Hilton, Samson, and O'Connor precinct groups, and all others that I've spoken to; agree that the speed limit on South St needs to be reduced from 70 to 60 km/h east of Hines Rd. This has already proven to be a dangerous stretch of road with a pedestrian fatality only a few years ago. Many motorists heading east are already doing 70km/h after they cross Carrington St and pass through the Hilton shops.

MOU with Homewest to save Hilton houses

Council has voted to pursue a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Housing aimed at preventing the department from demolishing its traditional Hilton houses.

The agreement would allow the department to build a small rear dwelling (as per the new small dwelling policy: see below) except that the new dwelling would be put on a green title. However both the new and original dwelling would have to be served by the same driveway so that it not have the appearance of a battle-axe sub-division.

Hilton precinct: Thanks to Mary for all her work

Mary Barton has decided to take a break from the role of Hilton Precinct Secretary. Mary has done a great job for over the last year or so, setting the bar with her dedication to creating a caring community spirit in Hilton.

Hilton has often been one of the city’s more dynamic precinct groups, not least because Mary has gone to the trouble of preparing the meetings and inviting guest speakers to guarantee healthy discussion (and sometimes vigorous debate).

In particular Mary should be thanked for putting in hours of her own time into the survey of Hilton residents which was really important in the formation of the new Hilton Planning Policy. Thanks Mary!

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