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Sam re-elected to Fremantle council

Socialist Alliance WA co-convenor Sam Wainwright was re-elected to the Fremantle council on October 19. In the other wards progressive councillors defeated more conservative opponents, and Mayor Brad Pettitt was also returned.

Wainwright won 58 per cent of the vote in his ward compared to 33 per cent at the 2009 poll. Local government elections are "first past the post'' in WA, so 33 per cent was enough to win the election in 2009. Wainwright's absolute vote also increased from 438 votes to 602 this year.

Over the last four years Wainwright has made a priority of organising and promoting community campaigns and supporting council initiatives such as a dramatic increase in the cycling budget. He has been a strong supporter of the Fremantle Road to Rail campaign and helped promote a community owned wind farm at North Quay.

He introduced the Workplace Values policy which recognises the right of council employees to union representation and job security; and set an indigenous employment target.

Re-elect Sam Wainwright for Hilton ward

DOWNLOAD: My re-election leaflet

I have renominated for Hilton Ward for the council elections. I believe I've been hard working and effective, both collaborative and prepared to speak out.
I've supported the regeneration of the Fremantle CBD as well as taken a keen interest in the issues affecting our suburbs. I'm committed to social justice sustainability and community.

This leaflet explains some of my activities, the things I've helped achieve and the projects I will work on in the next term. I'm an activist councillor with more energy to give, and there's plenty more to be done. I hope you'll consider supporting me again.

Slow South St, create a Hilton Town Centre

With the support of council I convinced Main Roads to reduce the the speed limit between Hines and Stock Roads to 60 km/h. Will seek a reduction to 50 km/h through the Hilton Town Centre.

Supported successful community campaign for a pedestrian crossing of South St at Collick St.

Restore the refugee convention - Say 'no' to Rudd's lurch to the right on refugees

[This media release was sent on Saturday 20 July.]

Socialist Alliance candidate for Fremantle Sam Wainwright spoke at an emergency rally on July 20 in response to Kevin Rudd's announcement that refugees would no longer be able to be resettled in Australia.

"Rudd's announcement is in practice a further abandonment of the 1951 Refugee Convention and a betrayal of human rights in Australia," Wainwright said.

"This policy will not 'stop the boats' as the people coming to Australia are genuine refugees who have no other choices," said Wainwright.

"Recent comments by ALP leaders that people arriving by boat are 'economic migrants' are just cynical attempts to justify the inhumane policies that Labor is now advancing," said Wainwright.

"This policy will not save lives at sea because people still need to get on a boat to get whatever limited protections this policy affords," said Wainwright.

"A better approach - that would genuinely save lives - would be to fly refugees from Indonesia and Malaysia to Australia in large numbers with permanent protection visas and full citizenship rights."

"Australia should also stop supporting wars - like in Afghanistan - and repressive governments such as the violent Rajapaksa regime in Sri Lanka whose policies amount to genocide. These policies create more refugees in the world."

MEDIA RELEASE: Stop Barnett axing our library funding!

Fremantle councillor uses launch of new blog to call for public campaign against Barnett's axing of library funding

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