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Here are some links to media reports about since early 2011. More reports will be added in coming days.

Farm left out to dry (Fremantle Gazette 9 October 2013)
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Women's refuge marks 40 years (Fremantle Gazette 26 July 2013)
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Service cut plan (Fremantle Gazette 29 January 2013)
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It's Sam and Sanna (19 January 2013)
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Give human rights a sporting chance (12 January 2013)
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Cycling fury as 'shit hits fan' (15 December 2013)
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It's wind win: MUA (11 December 2012)

Barnett's drive to out-source services: What's at stake?

In comments to the Herald on March 13 condemning the Barnett government’s push to outsource human services to charities and other non-government organisations; it was careless of me not to stress that there are people in these organisat

Home affordability and the neglect of public housing

In the March 27 edition of the Herald the Liberal Party candidate for Fremantle Matt Taylor attacked me for criticising the Barnett government's proposed stop-and-search powers and because I support public housing. This is my reply which was sent to the Herald but not published (you can also see Taylor's letter by clicking the link below):

Liberal candiate Matt Taylor tried to take me to task (Herald letters, March 27) on the issues of crime and housing, but in my opinion he completely missed the mark. Contrary to his denial, it has been suggested that we need to cut the Homeswest stock in order to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour. Like it or not, this argument (even if you say it should be done gradually) unfairly casts a shadow over all Homeswest residents. Matt claims I should be "representing a community crying out for a reduction in Homeswest housing". That's wrong, I should be representing the rights of all residents, including Homeswest residents.

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