Diesel pollution is deadly

Diesel particulate pollution is deadly.

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Press release by Socialist Alliance:

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DAPs, density and the housing affordability crisis

Australia's largest cities are urban planning disaster zones.

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Fireworks versus truth, reconciliation and justice

On Wednesday 24 August the Fremantle Council voted 10-1 to drop its annual Australia Day fireworks in recognition of how sensitive this date is for many Indigenous Australians.

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Too cool for school

My comment piece on the "Cool fuel" supplement in the The West Australian. Oil and gas industry promotion masquerading as science. Welcome to WA!

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Boil with anger! End the detention of asylum seekers

Among the messages of support for Fremantle Council's de

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Perth Freight Link: Round 1 to the people

By Barry Healy & Sam Wainwright (reprinted from Green Left Weekly)

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