The real issues in the Stop Lynas campaign

Submitted by sam on Mon, 16/04/2012 - 19:20

Australian mining company Lynas wants to export thorium and other rare earths from their Mt Weld mine through Fremantle and refine the ore at a processing plant at Kuantan on the east coast of peninsula Malaysia. The Stop Lynas campaign is not opposed to the mining of this ore. But Lynas wants to store the radioactive spoil in holding ponds situated in a low-lying coastal community that depends on fishing for its survival. The locals don't want it.

Lynas aren't just chasing lower wages. The Malaysian government, no friend of transparency or free speech, has given Lynas a twelve year tax holiday and took only one week to do its environmental approval process! Instead of treating our neighbours as a dumping ground, Australians have to hold these mining companies to account. The ore should be processed on-site and the waste stored down the mine which was the original plan anyway. See more at:

Bury the waste at Mt Weld where it came from.  No accumulation of waste at the refinery, the waste is shipped to the burial site immediately as it is produced.
No permanent waste disposal plan.  Temporarily dump on-site.
Land transport between Mt Weld and Meenaar, site of the refinery, which are 880 km apart.
Raw materials transported 1000 km by land and more than 4000 km by sea to Gebeng.
Nearest population center is 35 km away, with only 1,500 inhabitants.
700,000 people living within 35 km.
Waste diluted to 2.3 Bq/g.
Waste not diluted, radioactivity nearly thee times higher at 6.1 Bq/g.
Impermeable ponds, each buried after full.
Temporarily cover the waste with an "unspecified" method on a flood prone land. 
Located in the desert away from the aquifer.  Annual rainfall 234 mm.
On reclaimed swamp land.  Underground water just 0.95-3.5 m below surface.  Annual rainfall 2,860 mm.
Total containment policy.  All waste water evaporated and all left-over residue returned to Mt Weld.
500 tonnes/hour of water discharged to the South China Sea.