Your efforts help secure PCYC funding

Submitted by sam on Mon, 16/04/2012 - 19:25

While the state government is pushing ahead with their plans to withdraw police officers from the PCYCs, community outrage has forced a partial back-down. Originally they planned to leave the centres to find and fund replacement coordinators, meaning they would have to slash their activities and many would just shut down. But according to the PCYC's March newsletter:

"It appears this pressure has yielded some positive results. Commissioner O'Callaghan stated in early March on 6PR radio that he has recently received 'permission to transfer the salary money that we [WA Police] spend on club managers directly to the PCYC so that the PCYC can employ their own club managers.' While we are awaiting confirmation in writing as to the amount and conditions attached to this promise, it is a very positive step forward for The Federation in terms of achieving funding support to assist us during the transition period."