Port Authority scare tactics over wind farm

Submitted by sam on Sat, 20/10/2012 - 12:00
Friends of the Earth:
Wind energy myths and facts

It was very disappointing to read comments by the CEO of the Fremantle Port Authority (FPA) in the Fremantle Gazette rejecting the proposed wind farm because of “...risks associated with possible silent health impacts due to ambient noise...”

It's completely dishonest for the Port Authority to say they don't want to impose a wind farm over the objections of residents when they're the ones whipping up fears without any scientific evidence. Previously they said it would create problems with the union over fears of health impacts on port workers, but the Maritime Union supports the wind farm.

What are the real reasons for the Port Authority's hostility? Is it because the state government is not interested in renewable energy and it's just a distraction they don't want? The fossil fuel company reps on its board? Maybe a wind farm wouldn't fit with possible plans for a yuppie marina development at Rous Head? All of the above? Who knows, but you can be sure it's got nothing to do with concern about public health.

Learn more about wind farms at www.fremantlewindfarm.com.au/?page_id=294 or see the video above.