Burt St to create diverse housing

Submitted by sam on Tue, 29/01/2013 - 13:00

The January Council meeting approved a scheme amendment and associated Deed between the City and the Department of Housing to allow for a residential development on Burt St (opposite John Curtin High School). The Department owns the land and wished to build a mix of public and private housing. The Deed requires significantly more low-income and other diverse housing than was originally proposed by the Department.

In the Deed proposed by the City and accepted by the Department, 10-15% of the dwellings must be public housing and a total of 45% of the dwellings must meet the department's definition of affordable housing. Furthermore any dwellings above 180 must meet one of the following criteria: studio/single dwellings, a category of affordable housing, aged or dependent persons' dwellings or compatible to conversion for people with disabilities.

Furthermore I requested that 20% of the dwellings overall be adaptable for use by people with disabilities (or other mobility restrictions). My thanks to Councillor Sullivan who proposed the original amendment to the Deed for accepting this addition.