Local government reform survey

Submitted by sam on Thu, 11/04/2013 - 12:00

The recent survey of views on local government reform produced some mixed results. Respondents from Hilton were strongly opposed to a merger with Melville (69% against). In contrast options A, B and C (all of which would see Samson merged into Melville) gained a majority (around 55%) among Samson residents.

However the the survey only got 1227 responses of which only about 100 came from Samson. Is that big enough to make it truly representative? The Samson results were also partly clouded by the fact that on the survey map “Option C” shows Samson being merged into Melville, while the text explaining that option makes no mention of this.

The most consistent thing across all suburbs of Fremantle was the desire of residents to have a vote, on any proposed change to local government boundaries. Whether or not the Barnett government respects this wish remains to be seen. If you'd like a copy of the survey results let me know.