PTA slashes NightRider service

Submitted by sam on Thu, 20/06/2013 - 12:00

June 15 saw the last NightRider bus service from Fremantle. In their advice to the City the PTA said that, "...the already low patronage has continued to decline to an average of less than ten passengers. The significant cost of providing this service can no longer be justified on such low patronage." The decision was made without any consultation with the council, CBD businesses or wider community; or a full benefit-cost ratio analysis including the social costs and consequences of cancelling the service.

The PTA might have considered that the $5 dollar flat fare is expensive and that the dedicated buses they use for the service are the older high-floor non-disability accessible ones. The same resources might be better put into extending the regular bus services. The two NightRider routes essentially follow the path of the eastbound 99 (Circle Route/South St) and 106 (Canning Highway) services. The money spent on the eight individual scheduled NightRider services could instead be used to make both the 99 and 106 run half-hourly through to 1:30am. I've asked the Mayor and CEO to try to get the PTA to the table.