Parks & Play Spaces

Submitted by sam on Mon, 19/08/2013 - 10:53

The July council meeting adopted the 2013-16 Play Spaces Plan which seeks to prioritise equipment and upgrades for our various parks, categorising them as either "major" or "local" play spaces. It identifies Griffiths Park as the major play space for Hilton with the others (Collick Reserve, Grigg Park and Moorni Boorne) being local play spaces.

The need for a new park and play equipment servicing residents in the northern part of Hilton (north of South St) was acknowledged. This has been raised by residents before.

A new park would be best located somewhere central to the precinct it's meant to serve. Years ago the City proposed to block off a portion of Marimont St to make this possible but a backlash from residents who wanted to keep the street open stopped it. A suggestion has been that the City acquire some land from Anchor Foods on Clarke St and combine it with the verge. What do you prefer?

The plan proposes new play equipment for Plane Tree Grove in O'Connor and the improvement of the equipment in Samson Park. Meanwhile a resident has also suggested fitness equipment for Samson Park. What do you think?

The plan proposed some places where equipment might be removed and not replaced at the end of its life, including the Collick Reserve. However because there was so little community feedback on the plan an amendment was passed requiring any decision to remove play equipment to be brought to council. Do you or people you know use the Collick Reserve? If so let me know.