Council Budget 2013-14

Submitted by sam on Wed, 31/07/2013 - 08:00

Below is a summary of some of the capital works projects proposed for the Hilton, Samson and O'Connor areas.


Stairs and ramps connecting the back of the Hilton Community Centre to the Hilton Harvest gardens $26,400
Resurfacing remaining slab footpaths on the eastern side of Collick St, $85,400
Bike connection across Carrington St connecting Lefroy St and Rennie Cres, $90,000
Street-scaping for Hilton Town Centre
Re-surfacing Victor St $69,000
Re-surfacing Nicholas and Grigg intersection $44,000
Improved lighting, landscaping and BBQ for Grigg Park $30,000 and play equipment $23,000


Recreation Centre, replacement of louvres $19,800
Samson Park Fire Hazard reduction plan, $30,000
Renew play equipment in Samson Park, $11,500.
Landscaping of the area at intersection of South St and McCombe Ave, $197,640
Extra benches in Samson Park


Trees for the portion of Stockdale Rd near the intersection with Stock Rd
Re-surfacing Ladner St $168,000
Re-surfacing Ladner St and Peel St intersection $142,000

Items scheduled for 2014-15 include:

New management plan for Samson Park, $82,000
Replace fencing in Samson Park, $30,000
Joslin St replace slab footpath