Re-elect Sam Wainwright for Hilton ward

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DOWNLOAD: My re-election leaflet

I have renominated for Hilton Ward for the council elections. I believe I've been hard working and effective, both collaborative and prepared to speak out.
I've supported the regeneration of the Fremantle CBD as well as taken a keen interest in the issues affecting our suburbs. I'm committed to social justice sustainability and community.

This leaflet explains some of my activities, the things I've helped achieve and the projects I will work on in the next term. I'm an activist councillor with more energy to give, and there's plenty more to be done. I hope you'll consider supporting me again.

Slow South St, create a Hilton Town Centre

With the support of council I convinced Main Roads to reduce the the speed limit between Hines and Stock Roads to 60 km/h. Will seek a reduction to 50 km/h through the Hilton Town Centre.

Supported successful community campaign for a pedestrian crossing of South St at Collick St.

Have begun negotiations with MainRoads for street-scaping of the Hilton Town Centre including trees, street furniture, paving, banner poles and red bitumen; subject to full community consultation.

Pushed for the final completion of the traffic lights at McCombe Ave Samson.

Freo people support social justice

Initiated the Workplace Values policy that respects council workers right to secure employment and union organisation; and set an indigenous employment target.

Put a greater emphasis on participation in the White Ribbon Day events, will work to get council to do even more in the campaign against family and domestic violence.

Secured council sponsorship and support for the annual Refugee Welcome Walk and Fiesta.

Sustainability, we can lead the way

Chaired the Climate Change Working Group whose Low Carbon City Plan was adopted by the City and will see it reduce its carbon emissions by 40%.
Vigorously defended the SMRC composting facility when threatened with closure by the State Government which would have destroyed a $100 million facility that belongs to us.

Actively supported the Fremantle Community Wind Farm proposal and will begin work on a solar farm for the old South Fremantle tip site.

Dignity and inclusion for people with disabilities

Supported the $53,000 'Count Me In' inclusion grant secured by Hilton Harvest.
Proposed the disability parking bay on Sellenger Ave at Samson Park.

Ensured that full access ramps for both the 25 and 50 metre pools were included as part of the Leisure Centre upgrade.

Proposed the City begin to provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities in Parks & Gardens.

20% of dwellings in the Burt St development to be adaptable for people with mobility disabilities.

Road to rail, there's no freeway solution to road congestion

Actively supported the campaign for light rail to connect suburbs to the east and south of Fremantle to the CBD.

Successfully proposed that Fremantle become the first metro council to join the Wheatbelt Rail Retention Alliance.

Oppose Roe 8 and turning High St into six lanes.

A bike friendly Freo, it's happening

Increased rates of cycling benefit the whole community by reducing congestion freeing up parking spaces and better health. The City of Sydney estimates that for one dollar invested in cycling they save the community four dollars.

Expenditure on cycling infrastructure has increased from a tiny $39,000 per year to nearly $500,000 and cycling rates have increased.

With some of the key infrastructure in the CBD done, we can now fix problems in the suburbs. This year we will create a proper bike connection across Carrington St connecting Lefroy Rd to Rennie Cres.

When the connection between Beaconsfied and Hilton is done, we will be in a stronger position to again ask Main Roads to build an overpass across Stock Rd connecting Hilton and Samson at a mid-point between South St and Winterfold Rd.

Affordable housing, it's a right

Supported the small dwelling amendment that allows anyone to rent a granny flat.
Successfully proposed a 15% affordable housing target for CBD developments in the Amendment 49 area.

Secured a 15% low-income/social housing component for the Bannister St site.
Supported the Burt St redevelopment with an overall target of 45% affordable housing with a 10-15% social housing component.

Defend and extend our services

Assisted successful community campaign to stop the state government from slashing its contribution to: our local library by 70%; cutting Buster the Fun Bus; and removing staff from the PCYC.

Support the continued provision by council of the Warrawee Women's Refuge and Fremantle Community Legal Centre. Campaigned to to get the state government to properly co-fund these vital services.

I support the transition to water-wise gardens and greater subsidies for mulch and native plants. However cutting the mowing service leaves residents who are unable to maintain their verge in the lurch.

Other local projects and infrastructure I've supported

Renewal of the play equipment in Moornie Boorne Park on Rennie Crescent.
Renovation of Fremantle Junior Dockers club room plus light towers at Dick Lawrence Oval.

No forced amalgamations: Freo Forever, keep Samson

The State Government proposes to merge Fremantle, East Fremantle and Melville in July 2015. This mega-Melville Council makes would create a massive and unwieldy entity lacking focus.

It would dramatically reduce democratic representation. Fremantle has thirteen elected members 26,000 residents. The merged enitity would have around 140,000.

According to our community survey only 31% of Fremantle people support the proposal, and only 28% supported the state government unilaterally imposing mergers.

55% of residents wanted the right to have a vote on any proposed reform or merger.