Plan to fix the Freo Station entrance

Submitted by sam on Mon, 27/03/2017 - 00:00

There is terrible access for buses, pedestrians and cyclist around Fremantle Station. This is the design being proposed by the council and some observations:

The current configuration of the intersection and bus station is woefully inefficient and ugly. At the moment buses coming up Market St have to give way to pedestrians at a zebra crossing, do a hard left turn, a hard right turn across traffic and then give way to the same pedestrians at another zebra crossing.

There is also no safe, efficient and legal way for cyclists to get to and from the station even though this is perhaps the biggest bike parking station on the rail network. The proposed design would allow pedestrians, cyclists and buses to come and go from the station without constantly getting in each other's way, plus it would restore a garden and town square in the station forecourt.

Buses heading north along Market St would turn into Cantonment and then Queen St in order to access the bus station. That is a bit circuitous in its own way but would in practice make for a much more efficient path.

The plan for the station forecourt and new bus station are connected with council plans to 1. Widen Queens St footpaths so that it becomes a visual and practical pathway into the City and Kings Square, restoring the connection between Queen St and the second entrance to the station. 2. A new car park (possibly multi-storey) north of where the new bus station would go.

We've been wanting to do this for many years now, but we have to get the PTA and State Government on board. They've never been hostile to the proposal, they just haven't treated it as a priority.

With the change in state government we hope to finally get a move on with this project.