Make Fremantle a place that cares for people and planet

Submitted by sam on Wed, 22/11/2017 - 01:08

I have been returned as a Councillor for Hilton Ward, winning 55.61% of the vote.
A special thanks to all the active supporters of my campaign. It was about making Fremantle a place that cares for people and planet. I hope the win can serve that purpose.

These supporters include: activists from the campaign to stop Roe 8/PFL, Frack Free Future, Bike Freo, Hilton Harvest and Refugee Rights Action Network; my Socialist Alliance comrades; my fellow Hilton and Beaconsfield councillors; and many residents doing great work in and for our community.

Congratulations to Hannah Fitzhardinge, Andrew Sullivan, Doug Thompson, Adin Lang, Jenny Archibald and Mayor Brad Pettitt who were also elected last night.

I also want to thank Uncle Ben Taylor (who met with the Mayor and me to talk about Australia Day in 2016) and traditional owner Corina Abraham. Their support is an inspiration.

The decision to replace the Australia Day fireworks with more appropriate and inclusive activities might only be a small step, but some serious money and commercial media air time was spent to unseat progressive councillors because of it. The decision was the right one and it represents some of what is good about Freo.

It's a privilege to represent the people of Samson, Hilton and O'Connor; and to work for all residents of the Walyalup/Fremantle region.