Stop Barnett's attacks on the public sector

Submitted by sam on Sun, 07/02/2010 - 10:37
Rally to defend the public sector:
Thurs 11 March 2010
12.30pm, Parliament House
Stop Barnett's Axe! Save our jobs, services & library!
The state government wants to force through the most serious ever attack on public servants' rights and conditions:  
  • Bringing in legislation which is worse than WorkChoices, see
  • Privatising and contracting-out every service they can. Workers whose areas get outsourced will have to either follow their jobs or get the sack (with no option of redundancy or redeployment), effectively ending public service permanency. The outsourced jobs will typically only pay 70%-80% of what the worker would get as a state employee
Barnett & Buswell are stripping services in Fremantle too: 
  • Cutting the pool of top-up funding provided to non-government organisations that provide human services. Both these and newly contracted-out but underfunded services will inevitably come to local government asking that we help make up the shortfall putting pressure on other services provided by council 
  • Closing the Hilton police station
  • Cutting their share of public library funding by 40% (along with other cost shifting exercises) 
  • Closing the Fremantle Museum 
Rally at Parliament House Thursday March 11, 12:30pm (organised by Civil Service Association). Freo contingent to gather in Pioneer Park at 11am then board the train for the rally 
Grab some leaflets and help paint the Freo banner this Sunday March 7 11am -3pm 1st floor Courtyard, Kings' Square area (behind Freo Town Hall)
For more info: 0405 307 161
Written by Sam Wainwright, Councillor-Hilton ward