A referendum for Western Sahara: no illegal phosphate in WA

Submitted by sam on Sat, 27/02/2010 - 21:21

Fremantle joined the nation-wide "Flag Raising for Western Sahara" on February 27 when a number of councils and other organisations hoisted the West Saharan flag in support of a UN sanctioned referendum for that country.

Western Sahara’s story is similar to East Timor. It was a Spanish colony until 1975. When the Spanish withdrew Morocco illegally invaded and occupied the country; creating a legacy of war, dispossession and misery. The occupation is not recognised by the UN or international law. Morocco refuses to allow a UN sponsored referendum to determine the country's future.

Although it’s on the other side of the world there is an important WA connection because large quantities of stolen West Saharan phosphate is imported here by Wesfarmers subsidiary CSBP. This illegal trade must be stopped. For more information go to the website of the Australia Western Sahara Association www.awsa.org.au

Pictured: Councillor Sam Wainwright and Mayor Brad Pettitt raising the West Saharan flag.