Hilton Precinct works out priorities

Submitted by sam on Sat, 01/05/2010 - 12:32

The April meeting of the Hilton Precinct hammered out a list of local projects residents at the meeting would like to see funded in the next Council budget:

•A purpose-built BBQ for public functions that complies with the City of Fremantle’s Requirements for Temporary Food Premises & Food Handlers permit. The BBQ to be located at the rear of the PCYC adjacent to the school oval and Hilton Harvest Community Garden, and accompanied by some picnic table/benches.

•Fencing and connection to utilities for Hilton Harvest Community Garden, in accordance with their requirements.

•Collick/Oldham/Sumpton Streets park: a light(solar?) be installed in the centre of the park near the playground. The playground area have mulch removed and replaced with a surface of recycled tyres or similar.

•Two lights be installed in Sumpton Street, one between Nicholas Cres and Snook Cres, a second between Snook and Oldham. Other dark areas in Hilton be investigated.

•Public Toilet in South Street shopping precinct.We understand there is a subcommittee advancing this issue.

•A comprehensive study be done of traffic issues in Hilton, with particular attention to Carrington Street which had previously been funded; also speeding issues in Paget Street and Instone Street.

•The City’s footpaths program be revisited and Hilton Community Precinct be advised of the timeline for the upgrading of footpaths in Hilton. Of particular concern are the following footpaths, all of which consist of 60-year-old aggregate slabs: SE side of Snook Cres between Holmes & Lynch Pl, NE side of Sumpton between Snook & Nicholas, South side of Oldham between Instone and Howson, Nicholas Cres between Holmes Pl and Joslin St (incl Joslin to Hines), and West side of Grigg between Nicholas and Oldham.

•Hilton Community Precinct supports the construction of new clubrooms at Dick Lawrence Oval for the Fremantle Hawks Junior Football Club and Hilton Park Bowling Club.

•An investigation of the possibility of some street trees and/or carpark trees in the two carparks on either side of Paget Street at South Street (IGA & bank/pub). Trees would soften the aesthetic effect of this area as well as provide shade for cars.