Road to Rail: getting trucks off our streets

Submitted by sam on Mon, 08/08/2011 - 12:00

There's been a lot of discussion about better public transport for Fremantle and the proposal for a light rail network. But it's just as important to get freight off the roads and on to rail. Under the previous state government the percentage of containers moved by trains was lifted from 3% to 17%. It's now slid back to 11% and tipped to drop to 8% next year. This is a disaster for air quality, green house gas emissions, noise and traffic congestion; and residents along High St and Stock Rd are taking the brunt.

Meanwhile the state government is locked into building more roads. The newly formed community group Fremantle Road to Rail is trying to turn this around. They've drafted a charter suggesting things the government should be doing to increase the amount of traffic to the port being carried by rail. They'd love you to check it out, make suggestions and get involved. Go to their website group had a successful launch at the Town Hall with over 80 people in attendance.