Council votes to relinquish Warrawee Women's Refuge

I'm sad to report that at its April meeting council voted 6 votes to 5 NOT to reapply for state f

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Federal budget 2014: a recipe for a more unequal society

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And so it begins - an offensive on behalf of the billionaires and corporate interests, to steal the future from the majority of Australians, to dismantle what remains of our social welfare system. Take this comment from Shelley James, a single mum with two kids in Hilton:

Some wins for affordable housing

I'm glad to report two small wins in the attempt to preserve affordable housing in Fremantle.

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Fremantle takes the fight to the freeway

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By Chris Jenkins

A decision by the Fremantle City Council at its March 26 meeting to reject a Main Roads WA request to voluntarily hand over land began a dramatic new phase in the campaign against the state government's freeway building agenda.

Submission to the LGAB in support of the retention of the suburb of Samson within the City of Fremantle

Below is my submission to the Local Government Advisory Board regarding the reform of local government boundaries supoorting the retention Samson within the City of Fremantle. Many thanks to the Samson residents whose contributions helped form the document.

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Upgrade High St? Yes, but not at any cost to our health and community!

There is widespread support both in the community and on council for a long overdue upgrade of High St; both to address the safety of the intersection with Stirling Highway, and to provide residents on High St with a separated local access road.

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